Provide your students the opportunity to diveย deeper and explore the intricacies of yoga through a workshop. Request a workshop offering list today and book a specialย event that will bring new energy, light, and excitement to your students’ practice.


Private one-on-one lessons are a wonderfulย way to receive personal attention to deepen your practice. Whether you are looking to dive deeper into posture, meditation, mantra, yoga philosophy, or all four, working privately can provide the guidance needed to blossom into the next phase of your yoga journey. Book today and begin your personal journey in the convenienceย of your own home!


Studios often need teaching support for short periods from time to time. Book Colleen as a guest teacher at your studio. Bring her on to teach 26+2, vinyasa, and/or yin. Combine her visit with a workshop or simply book her to teach while coverage is needed. Colleen is now booking for 2019 travels. Contact her to discuss needs, details, etc.