When I began re-designing and re-building my website, Jenn, the most beautiful and patient web designer a yogini boss-lady could ask for advised a blog in conjunction with my new website was recommended. For this blog is meant to boost important marketing statistics and help with fancy things like S.E.O optimization and other acronyms I’m not really positive what they stand for.

This proposition of beginning a blog journey brought mixed feelings: I love writing and love sharing my thoughts, knowledge and experiences best through the written language, so that was a plus. On the other hand, what if this new found blog venture placed me in the basic bitch faction with a quickness? I mean, no one wants to be basic…right?? Are blog people basic? Oh, but I do love photographs, so it would be really great to incorporate some feature photography, especially from some of my bad-ass photography friends…And the ideas kept to flowing and flowing. So I threw small, basic worries to the wind and am excited to embrace the blogesphere to its fullest.

So without further ado, WELCOME TO MY BLOG. Please stay tuned for posts regarding everything Ayurveda, Yoga, Meditation, Mantra and all that lies in between. And let’s not get it twisted, a bitch does love to sip some chai while discussing cute outfits, reality t.v., the latest book she’s reading, and what-so-ever one may find Issa Rae up to these days.

Grab a chai and enjoy everything Colleen. May we all laugh, cry and learn together. Blog post suggestions are currently now being accepted for a limited time. What do you want this little lady to write about?? E-mail your wishes and they may just come true. Don’t fret, whatever it is, is sure to ignite a riveting coffee convo complete with a spine twist ๐Ÿ˜‰